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Industry presence  


As a well known hotel financing expert, Joe Epstein has been invited to be a speaker and panelist at many national hospitality and franchise conferences. 

Below is a list of some of his engagements and topics.



  • The 19th Annual Hotel Investment Conference
    "Hotel Financing: There’s a Lot of Money Available"

  • The 18th Annual Hotel Investment Conference           
    “Insider’s Guide to the Best Financing”                         

  • Best Western District IV Meeting    
    “Buying, Selling, Refinancing Your Hotel”   

  • The 17th Annual Hotel Investment Conference
    Hotel Finance: The Future Is Now
    “Show Me the Money: Who’s Hot & Who’s Not”

  • The Lodging Conference 2004                        
    “Financing and Equity for Deals under $10 million”

  • The 13th Annual Hotel Investment Conference
    “A Hotel Financing Odyssey”     
  • The 10th Annual Atlanta Hotel Investors Conference
    “Future of Hotel Financing”

  • Hospitality Franchise Systems National Sales Conference
    “New Construction Financing”

  • Ramada RINA Convention
    “Financing Hotels in the ‘90’s – Difficult, Yes –          
    Impossible, No”
  • Laventhol & Horwath 6th Annual Hospitality Conference
    “Financing for Franchising”

  • Quality International 35th Annual Convention
    “Where to Get the Big Bucks”

  • Laventhol & Horwath One-Day Workshops
    Issues in Buying and Selling Lodging Properties
    “Opportunities in Financing and Refinancing”

  • American Hotel & Motel Association 77th Annual Convention
    “Financing for Smaller Properties”

  • Laventhol & Horwath Economy Limited Service Lodging Conference
    “Sources of Financing Economy Limited Service Properties”

  • Super 8 Owners Conference
    “Motel Loan Brokerage”

  • American Hotel & Motel Association – Economy Lodging Development Workshop
    “Financing the Project”

  • Econolodge Tenth Annual Spring Franchisee Meeting
    Financing Alternatives for the ‘80’s
    “A Look at Financing Prospects for Budget Hotels”

  • The 20th Annual Hotel Investment Conference
    "Financing Fundamentals"
    "Where We Are; an Investors Look Into the Current State of Hotel Financing"

  • The Lodging Conference 2008
    "Credit Availability; What Savvy Investors Know About Getting Money Right Now"

  • Midwest Lodging Summit 2008
    Financing Panel; "Where's the Money?"

  • The 22nd Annual Hotel Investment Conference
    Conventional Bank & SBA Lending; "What's Happening Now?"
    "Financing Hotels Today; "It Can Be Done""

  • The 23rd Annual Hotel Investment Conference
    "Balance Sheet Lenders and Government Enhanced Loan Programs"

  • 2nd Annual Midwest Lodging Investors Summit
    "Creative Financing, Where To Find Money"

  • 4th Annual Midwest Lodging Investment Summit
    "The Hotel Financing Landscape"